FTC VISION : Be the leading institution in the protection of consumers and the competition process for the promotion of socio-economic welfare. FTC MISSION :"Advocating & enforcing consumer rights and obligations whilst fostering a fair and competitive business environment in Seychelles.”

  • To carry out, on its own initiative or at the request of a person, investigations in relation to the conduct of business in Seychelles in connection with matters falling within the provisions of the Fair Competition Act and the Consumer Protection Act
  • To Monitor commercial activities and consumer market(s) to ensure that business practices are not affecting the interest of consumers
  • To take action so as:

1. To prevent the abuse of dominant enterprises

2. To eliminate anti-competitive practices and

3. To prevent or control anti-competitive mergers

  • To educate and assist consumers in resolving complaints
  • To monitor standard of services supplied by service providers
  • To advise the government on matters relating to the Fair Competition Act and the Consumer Protection Act
  • To make available to businesses and consumers, general information with respect to their rights and obligations;
  • To undertake studies and publish reports and information regarding matters affecting the interests of consumers and enterprises