FTC VISION : Be the leading institution in the protection of consumers and the competition process for the promotion of socio-economic welfare. FTC MISSION :"Advocating & enforcing consumer rights and obligations whilst fostering a fair and competitive business environment in Seychelles.”

The market surveillance department’s function in accordance with the mandate of the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) under Section 4 (3) (a) of the Fair Trading Commission Act, 2009 (FTCA 2009) is to keep under review commercial activities to ensure that practices that may unfairly or adversely affect the interest of consumers are prevented or terminated.

Market surveillance is both proactive and reactive. Proactive market surveillance is conducted through monitoring, research and investigations into certain industries, sectors or particular businesses as well as different market surveillance projects or joint projects with other authorities into matters of common interest. Reactive market surveillance is conducted on the basis of information received from consumers, businesses and stakeholders.