FTC VISION : Be the leading institution in the protection of consumers and the competition process for the promotion of socio-economic welfare. FTC MISSION :"Advocating & enforcing consumer rights and obligations whilst fostering a fair and competitive business environment in Seychelles.”

The Fair Trading Commission is empowered to enter into agreements with authorities that exercise jurisdiction over consumer matters within an industry or sector as well as enter into agreements which will facilitate the Commission in the performance of its functions under the Fair Competition Act 2009.

The Commission has, as part of its advocacy and enforcement aims, negotiated various memorandums of Understandings with various Sector regulators. This MoUs facilitate the exchange of information between authorities when dealing with cases as well as allow the authorities to share expertise and skills between the officers of the authorities in order to improve the resources of all authorities and to ensure smooth application of the MoU.

The Commission has also successfully entered into an MoU with the Competition Commission of Mauritius which will allow international exchange of expertise between the two authorities.

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