FTC VISION : Be the leading institution in the protection of consumers and the competition process for the promotion of socio-economic welfare. FTC MISSION :"Advocating & enforcing consumer rights and obligations whilst fostering a fair and competitive business environment in Seychelles.”

FTC vs. Aarjay Construction Pty Ltd 2.pdf FTC vs. Airtel (Sey) Ltd.pdf
FTC vs. Amir Minimarket -CPA.INS12.020.pdf
FTC vs. CBJ Minimarket – CPA.INS12.P004.pdf FTC vs. Chris Builders – CPA.11.099.pdf
FTC vs. Claude Rosette – CPA.11.138.99.pdf FTC vs. Evans Jules.pdf
FTC vs. Evans Jules 2.pdf FTC vs. Franky Madeleine – CPA.12.123.pdf
FTC vs. Global Internet Cafe – CPA.11.187.99.pdf FTC vs. Global Internet Cafe.pdf
FTC vs. Harold Auguste – CPA.11..231.99.pdf FTC vs. Hubert Savy – CPA.11.095.99.pdf
FTC vs. K.E.Y Brothers – CPA.INS12.011.pdf FTC vs. KAF Builders.pdf
FTC vs. Nautica – CPA.11.093.99.pdf FTC vs. Norbert Zelia – CPA.11.243.99.pdf
FTC vs. Office Equipement Services (Pty) Ltd – CPA.11.196.99.pdf FTC vs. PALS Enterprise – CPA.11.056.99.pdf
FTC vs. People’s Shop – CPA.INS12.P005.pdf FTC vs. Ragavan Store – CPA.INS12.P003.pdf
FTC vs. Rehoboth – CPA.12.100 – Statement.pdf FTC vs. Rehoboth Builders (Pty) Ltd – CPA.12.100.pdf
FTC vs. Rehoboth Builders (Pty) Ltd – CPA.12.108.pdf FTC vs. Sekaar’s Shopping Centre & 3 Others – CPA.11.207.99.pdf
FTC vs. Sri Sakthi Store – CPA.INS12.021.pdf
FTC vs. Sundar & Co – CPA.INS12.pdf FTC vs. TechInet – CPA.11.091.99.pdf
FTC vs. TMP Co Pty Ltd – CPA.11.066.99.pdf FTC vs. TMP Co Pty Ltd – CPA.11.071.99.pdf
FTC vs. TMP Co Pty Ltd – CPA.11.102.99.pdf FTC vs. Top Gears (Pty) Ltd – CPA.11.076.99.pdf
FTC vs. Top Gears (Pty) Ltd – CPA.11.101.99.pdf FTC vs. Universal Sharpening.pdf
FTC vs. Victory Shop – CPA.INS12.P007.pdf FTC vs. VV Supermarket – CPA.INS12.P002.pdf
FTC vs Claude Rosette – CPA.11.127.99.pdf