FTC VISION : Be the leading institution in the protection of consumers and the competition process for the promotion of socio-economic welfare. FTC MISSION :"Advocating & enforcing consumer rights and obligations whilst fostering a fair and competitive business environment in Seychelles.”

FTC vs. Abarna Traders – CPA.INS.13.002.pdf FTC vs. Abraham Fanchette – CPA.12.027.pdf 
 FTC vs. Anandan Pillay – CPA.11.169.pdf  FTC vs. Vadamalaian Beoliere Supermarket – CPA.INS.090513.4.pdf
FTC vs. Bharathi-Ram Traders – CPA.INS.250613.1.pdf  FTC vs. Corgate Estate Shop – CPA.INS.090713.1.pdf
FTC vs. Esparon’s Construction – CPA.12.143.pdf  FTC vs. G. T. Pillay General Merchant – CPA.INS.110613.1.pdf
FTC vs. Ganesh Shopping Centre – CPA.INS13.pdf  FTC vs. Ganga Store – CPA.INS.090713.3.pdf
FTC vs. Gerard Jeannevole – CPA.11.148.pdf  FTC vs. i. Abraham Fanchette ii. Terrence Fanchette – CPA.12.136.pdf
FTC vs. i. Abraham Fanchette ii. Terrence Fanchette – CPA.12.253.pdf  FTC vs. i. Eden Island Retail Centre (Seychelles) Ltd ii. Mason’s Xchange – FCA32.pdf
FTC vs. Kot Gopal – CPA.INS.110613.2.pdf  FTC vs. Max Contractor – CPA.13.004.pdf
FTC vs. Meghjee Kalyanji & Co (Pty) Ltd – CPA.11.267.pdf  FTC vs. Port-Glaud Supermarket – CPA.INS13.003.pdf
FTC VS. Premiere Building Maintenance Contractor and Property Management – CPA.12.124.pdf  FTC vs. R.P Shopping – CPA.INS.250613.3.pdf
FTC vs. Ramu Stores – CPA.INS.110613.4.pdf  FTC vs. RTK Trading – CPA.INS.090513.3.pdf
FTC vs. Saro Mini Market – CPA.INS.090513.1.pdf  FTC vs. Sekaar’s Shopping Centre – CPA.INS13.004.pdf
FTC vs. Sekaar @ Takamakka (Pty) Ltd – CPA.INS13.001.pdf  FTC vs. Srimuga Shopping Centre – CPA.INS.090713.2.pdf
FTC vs. SSP Imports – CPA.INS.250613.2.pdf  FTC vs. Sun Shopping Centre – CPA.INS.090713.2.pdf
FTC vs. Techno Services – CPA.12.150.pdf  FTC vs. TMP Company (Pty) Ltd – CPA.11.141.pdf
FTC vs. Suji & Sanju Enterprises – CPA.11.100.99