FTC VISION : Be the leading institution in the protection of consumers and the competition process for the promotion of socio-economic welfare. FTC MISSION :"Advocating & enforcing consumer rights and obligations whilst fostering a fair and competitive business environment in Seychelles.”

Consumer Tips & Advice

  • Repair, Replace and Refund

As a consumer you have a right to have a repair, a replacement or a refund in cases where you bought a product from a shop and that product is not reasonably fit for the purpose, not of good quality, not in a good working order or defective and is not useable or durable.

You may return with the product within a period of 6 months after purchase and unless the good is not fit for the purpose the supplier shall repair, a replacement or a refund.

Normally, the supplier shall repair the product in not more than 60 days and replace the product or refund you in 24 hours.

You are not entitled a repair, replacement or a refund if were given something you asked for because of a simple change of mind, found it cheaper elsewhere or you don’t like the product or had no use for it.

  • “No refunds” “Goods once sold are not returnable” or “No exchange”

These signs are illegal, misleading and should not be displayed in any shops supplying goods or services.

A consumer has a right to return a good if the good is found to be defective in order to obtain a remedy from a supplier.

  • Receipts – If you did not get one ask for one!

It is your right as a consumer and the responsibility of a supplier of goods and services to give you a receipt or proof of purchase after any purchase made.

It is also your responsibility as a consumer to ask for a receipt should the supplier failed to give you one.

A receipt or proof of purchase should include:

  • The supplier’s full name or registered business name
  • The address
  • The date
  • Description of goods or services supplied
  • The unit price of the goods or services supplied
  • The quantity of the goods or services supplied
  • The total price of the transaction excluding VAT
  • The amount of VAT
  • The total price of the transaction including VAT

As a consumer it is your responsibility to keep safe your proof of purchase for you to be able to use your rights to obtain a “Repair, replace and refund”. A supplier will ask you to produce your proof of purchase.

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